Transport Management Solution in India


List of Best Transport Software In India

Transport and logistics is a very big industries and road transport in India works best for carrying goods from one place to another. As road transport process is not very well structured like air and sea so it has lots of difficulties to streamlining the business process and flow and here transport management Solution places a very critical roll. I have studied lot finding a good transport software in India and found the following based on their functionality, simplicity and cost effectiveness.

List of Transport Software in India:

This is the best Transport Software Solution I found and kept it first in the list because the best part of this solution is that it is providing free trial for 1 month and basic prices starts from 9,999 INR which is affordable and comes under the range of very small to large transport owners.
Garun Transport solution works well in case of connecting remote branches and this is also not very expensive and do not enforce clients to do heavy investment to keep their own server rather Garun is providing 2,500 per user connecting remotely. As far as functionality of Garun is concern, I downloaded a trial version of Garun – Transport software and it has below i found the best:

  • Various Rate Calculation Options
    2- Branch Wise Issue of Bilty, Challan and Billing Series
    3- Without LR Billing
    4- Integrated Accounting System
    Lozics- Transport Software: I have explore the features of Lozics Transport Software and found it have many features and works on web platform as well
    which is very convenient and cost effective. This Transport Software is Easy to use and have a good dedicated support because Lozics have offices
    in different cities in india . Client will be more comfortable to buy the solution

Who can use this software:

1)Full Truck Transport
2)Part Truck Transport
3)Logistics Service Providers
4)Car (Automobiles) Carriers
5)Cargo Movers
6)Fleet Owners


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